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English 3: 2(A-B)
Instructor: Hood, Jo M.   
This course is designed for college-bound students. Students will use critical thinking skills toáfind relevancy in various texts and will increase competency in supporting ideas with textualáevidence. English 3 CP provides the student with a chronological survey of American literatureáfrom the Native American oral tradition to contemporary selections from the modern era. Theácurriculum focuses on examination of the major periods and themes of the American tradition,áalong with an emphasis on rhetorical devices and analysis of literature. The class covers a wideárange of texts of increasing complexity designed to promote independent reading skills. A majoráresearch paper on related topics is required. á

The English Department grading policy is as follows:

Tests/ Projects/ Major Papers áá 50%
Quizzes - á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á áá 25%
Homework/Classwork - á á á á á á á 25%
Please see the writing folder below - go to Research Paper Setup file for MLA help.
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